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Roslindale, MA 02131
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Medical Staff:

Jennifer Lo, MD - Medical Director - More

Paul Ahn, MD More

Ilia Coka, MD   More

Ben Eleonu, MD More

Elizabeth Ham, FNP More

Marissa Hamrick, MD More

Deborah Krieg, RD More

Theresa Lim, MD   More

Jordana Price, MD  More

Janet Protiva, MD More

Aileen Richmond, MD More

Jennifer Trieu, MD  More

Norman Wortzman, D.P.M. More

Residents - Family Practice:

James Carter, MD More

Kelsey Thomas, M.D. More

Talia Singer-Clark, M.D. More

Behavioral Health Staff:

Anne Ollen - Smith, M.D. More

Lisa Harrington, LICSW More